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Time to Teach

     Time to Teach is a show for teachers, hosted by a real teacher. It is a show for those enthusiastic about education. In this show I share tips, suggestions, and advice on all aspects of teaching. In addition, you'll hear students and educators share their views, perspectives, and ideas. From the first year teacher to the seasoned principal, this show is perfect for anyone passionate about education, and interested in continuing to grow as an educator. Go ahead and buckle up, because teaching can get bumpy, but it's always worth it. 

Aug 6, 2017

     Silly, sassy, and never short on sarcasm, Tiffany Pollari is one parent who has a lot to say about homework. She's got a complicated relationship with it; she neither loves it nor hates it, but she's got a few words for it. In this interview full of humor and wit, Tiffany shares some of her ups and downs with the "h" word that is better known as "homework". 


0:00 Introduction
4:40 Introducing Tiffany Pollari. Qualified mother, sister, and accountant manager.
7:40 Tiffany makes a prediction as to whether we agree on homework practices or not.
9:55 Tiffany's thoughts on homework.
13:45 Discussion on what happens when parents have to teach themselves their child's homework before they can help.

14:57 Tiffany explaines the kind of homework that is onerous to parents and why.
15:50 Tiffany discusses why she thinks homework can be a good thing and why students should continue to have homework.
16:38 Tiffany shares how she thinks homework can be implemented in a healthy way.
21:15 Tiffany tells us her beliefs on whether or not her own children's homework are helping them academically.
24:35 Tiffany makes a prediction as to what she thinks my views on homework are.
25:24 Tami explains her own thoughts and beliefs on homework.
29:25 Tami talks about reading at home.
35:25 Tami discusses why she is against traditional homework.
43:30 Tami reveals the kind of math homework her grade level gives to their students.
48:00 Potential obstacles to teachers revamping their homework.
53:05 Tiffany explains PTO (our conversation on homework ends here and Tiffany, the accountant, becomes overly interested in how summer pay looks on a teacher's pay stub).
56:35 Conclusion
58:48 Outro


Example of the kind of homework my grade level gives out.

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