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Time to Teach

     Time to Teach is a show for teachers, hosted by a real teacher. It is a show for those enthusiastic about education. In this show I share tips, suggestions, and advice on all aspects of teaching. In addition, you'll hear students and educators share their views, perspectives, and ideas. From the first year teacher to the seasoned principal, this show is perfect for anyone passionate about education, and interested in continuing to grow as an educator. Go ahead and buckle up, because teaching can get bumpy, but it's always worth it. 

Jul 5, 2017

     Just as with a physical mess, digital messes have a negative impact on productivity. Both kinds of clutter are distracting and overwhelming. In this episode, listen to find out what digital items you should work on this summer, including strategies to help you clean up digitally. Spending time this summer to clean up digital items will allow you to start fresh in the fall. Happy cleaning

0:00 Introduction

3:28 Pacing Guide 

8:11 Tiffany's map story 

13:36 Unit Map 

22:37 Digital files

28:05 Email 

30:00 Class website 

31:43 Digital forms of communication

33:56 Handouts 

38:07 Conclusion

38:22 Bloopers



Unit 1 Document (actual document) 

UbD Blank Templates

Class Newsletter (serves as homepage on my website)



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